The Powerful 3

The Powerful 3

Truth in a world of lies

Three, the number of God

The number 3 appears repeatedly in the Bible, indicating its significance in the essence of God. We can see it as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, reflecting in His creation on earth, in heaven, and in the sea.


“The Powerful 3” is an introspective journey into the transcendental, exploring the essence of a God who transcends the tangible. Through testimonials and reflections, the film invites immersion into spirituality, emphasizing how faith and knowledge of the word reveal God’s presence in our lives. From the wonders of creation to the mysteries of the universe, “The Powerful 3” invites you to experience a profound connection with the intangible, challenging your perception and awakening an inner quest for meaning and transcendence.

God is not a religion…
It’s a relationship!

“Truth in a world of lies”

“The Powerful 3” is based on three questions that challenge the current panorama of the church. Through in-depth analysis and revealing testimonials, the documentary examines these questions, addressing crucial topics for contemporary faith. From the relevance of tradition to adapting to social changes, the film encourages deep reflection on the role and direction of the church in the modern world. With a critical yet hopeful approach, it aims to inspire constructive dialogue and renew commitment to the fundamental principles of faith.

Is the church prepared for The Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

Producer Team

Enrique Padilla
Executive Producer

"Enrique Padilla is an executive producer in the film industry, a influential and strategic figure at 3 Pro Entertainment, whose role is essential for the success of cinematic productions. Highlighting his recent projects in development, "The Powerful 3," "Most Wanted," and "The Perfect Father." Enrique is a key player in the production team of the unique documentary series "The Powerful 3," which explores significant and challenging themes in the spiritual world. The series has generated anticipation due to its informative and powerful content. His ability to secure financing and make creative decisions in the development of the projects "Most Wanted" and "The Perfect Father." He not only provides essential financing and resources but also plays a central role in creative decision-making. His vision and experience guide the path to success in every project he is involved in.

Félix Córdova

He studied acting at the prestigious Derbez & Mitchell Academy. He made his debut on Television in 1991 with the soap opera "Milagro y Magia", although his great opportunity was in 1992 with the hit telenovela "Baila conmigo" with his character Felix, which lengthened his participation in 120 episodes more than expected. This success catapulted him to perform in many more soap opera “Mágica Juventud”, “Dos mujeres un camino”, “Tenías que ser tu”, “Hasta que la muerte nos separe”, “La familia es la familia”, “La Samaritana”, “Vidita negra”, “Mágica juventud” and "Confidente de Secundaria"

Benny Corral
Associate Producer

Director, producer, and cinematographer of music videos, television commercials, short films, and television series. ​ For over three decades, he has filmed television commercials and advertising campaigns for major brands such as Coca Cola, Sony, Bacardi, Telmex, Disney, Tecate, General Motors, among others. His career as a director stands out for directing music videos for the leading Latin American music stars, such as Ricky Martin, Plácido Domingo, Luis Miguel, Thalia, Marc Anthony, JLO, and many more, earning multiple awards and recognition.

Emmanuel Padilla
Financial Director

Emmanuel Padilla, was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His fascination with numbers led him to study Business Administration with a concentration in Finance at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón. ​ Emmanuel has worked in the finance departments of various companies and has been successful in both startup and established projects. He has expertise in tax law, budgeting, accounting, critical cost analysis, and other related fields. His passion for numbers and financial management makes him an essential asset to our team. With Emmanuel as our CFO, we are confident that we will achieve the success we need.

Ramon Abascal
Line Producer

Born in 1966 in Veracruz, Mexico, Abascal displayed an early interest in the arts, specifically music and theater, and started performing at a young age. He pursued music education in various schools in Veracruz and later attended the Conservatory of Music in Xalapa. ​ Abascal worked at Televisa in Mexico City before traveling to Boston to receive training in English language and acting. He gained acclaim for his work in television and film, earning multiple awards. In 2001, he established a television production company named Sotavento, which specializes in producing corporate videos and television programs.

Melvin Oviedo
Technical Supervisor

Degree in Systems Engineering from UNAM, with studies in project management, marketing, 3D animation, production, post-production, and various specializations. Photography is a hobby turned professional, with over 10 years of experience working with different brands and advertising agencies, music artists for music videos, documentaries, TV shows, political campaigns, commercials, film, and streaming platforms.

Konrado Velazquez
1rst. AD / Editor

I have been a multimedia producer, editor, and freelance designer for over 30 years. During this time, I have collaborated with production houses and advertising agencies such as Canana Films and McCann-Erickson. More recently, I have had the opportunity to work with platforms like Netflix and Canal 5. ​ My passion for my work constantly drives me to improve and refine my skills. I am always on the lookout for new ways to express myself creatively in the digital environment. My goal is to produce engaging ideas and materials for any type of communication. I am confident in my ability to provide innovative ideas and solutions for each project I am involved in.

David Cruz
2dn. AD / Making of

Seven years of professional experience, both on and off set. Specialized in the production and post-production of audiovisual content. Pioneer in the incorporation of AI-assisted post-production tools, applied to image and video remastering and re-scaling. ​ Currently, he collaborates with different national and international production houses in the development and integration of transmedia narratives through the use of storytelling in series, movies, advertising campaigns, and digital strategies.

PA 1

Pablo Alvarado
Graphic Design - Community Manager

35 years old, Chilean, Computer Engineer by profession and in the last 5 years I have acquired different experiences in the digital field, helping and promoting different companies and musical bands to obtain their own digital positioning and identity. Currently passionate about multimedia production, I dedicate myself to creating visual content in different digital areas, always looking for ways to perfect my skills and achieve better quality in the work I do.

Emiliano Chaparro

Emiliano Chaparro is an award-winning cinematographer and film director known for his work on films such as "La Carga" and "Falling in Love with April," and for his outstanding photography in advertising and commercials for brands such as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Telmex, Telcel, Iusacell, Coca Cola, Bimbo, Banorte, Sabritas, Pepsi Cola, Bacardi, Bancomer, British American Tobacco, Cajeta Coronado, Flash, Philipe Starck, Yoplait, Fico, Cerveza Victoria, People Magazine and over 200 music videos.

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"For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast."
Ephesians 2:8-9